My areas of interest include machine learning, computer vision, mathematical modeling of computer systems, and data-driven algorithms. My specific research interests are in deep generative models for design applications and creative content creation.

Conference and Workshop Publications

Journal Publications

  1. "Dynamic Resource Re-positioning in Distributed Clouds"
    Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Yuval Rochman, Hanoch Levy, and Eli Brosh.
    Submitted to Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems.

  2. "Dynamic placement of resources in cloud computing and network applications"
    Yuval Rochman, Hanoch Levy, and Eli Brosh.
    In Performance Evaluation, 115:1-37, 2017

  3. "The Delay-Friendliness of TCP for Real-Time Traffic"
    Eli Brosh, Salman Baset, Vishal Misra, Dan Rubenstein, and Henning Schulzrinne.
    In IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 18(5): 1478--1491, 2010.

  4. "SQF: A Slowdown Queuing Fairness Measure"
    Eli Brosh, Ben Avi-Itzhak, and Hanoch Levy.
    In Performance Evaluation, 64(9-12):1121--1136, 2007.

  5. "Approximation and Heuristic Algorithms for Minimum-Delay Application Layer Multicast Trees"
    Eli Brosh, Asaf Levin, and Yuval Shavitt.
    In IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 15(2):473 -- 484, 2007.