Eli Brosh

I am a computer scientist with broad experience in research and engineering execution.

Experience in leading applied research and engineering teams to solve challenging often open-ended  problems, and ship great products. For the last few years, I have been developing large-scale systems that leverage machine learning and computer vision for a variety of applications  from automatic website design and visual driving analytics to video conferencing.

My areas of interest include machine learning, computer vision, and data-driven algorithms. My specific interests are in deep generative models and creative content creation.

Currently, head of AI research at Wix, where I work on furture looking technologies to enhance and reinvent the website and graphic design experience. Previosuly, I was VP Research at Nexar, building city-scale driving analytics and mapping solutions and before that a Director of Engineering at Vidyo, building global-scale routing infrastructure for video conferencing. I did my PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University (2010).

I like to use large-scale data to design great products and to deliver business impact through novel algorithms. Diverse technical skills at the intersection of AI and large-scale systems:

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Crashing cars for fun and science
Live vehicle crash tests, Driving intelligence technology showcase, Israel, Oct, 2017